Oneida Louisiana pattern

Copious Class. Clusters of floral detailing grace Louisiana's tip end and scroll along the edge, meeting again to create a small, clear pool of highly polished reflection. Finely sculptured lines glide up the handle edge, ending in a soft organic ornament at the narrow point. This pattern is known for its unending appeal and timeless aesthetic elements. Louisiana is a classic pattern that will add poise to your tabletop.

Oneida is the #1 brand in flatware/silverware for over 100 years.

  • Made of High Quality 18/8 Stainless Steel with hi-luster finish. 18% Chromium for durability and 8% nickel for lasting shine
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Oxidized details that add visual distinction

Decorative Style . Medium Weight

This serving set includes all the basic serving utensils for a well-rounded meal. These pieces will be able to serve the meat, side dishes such as potatoes or vegetable, sauces or soup, butter for bread and sugar for coffee and tea after the meal.

Included in this 6 Piece Serving Set:

Pierced Serving Spoon - 8 1/2" long

Serving Spoon - 8 1/2" long Used for serving all foods.

Serving Fork - 8 5/8" long

Serving Ladle - 7 1/2" long Used for serving soups, gravy and cream sauces.

Sugar Spoon - 6" long

Butter Knife - 6 1/2" long


Customer Reviews

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Patricia S.
Oneida service set

I already had 2 of the pieces in the set from 40 years ago. The pieces match perfectly, but the weight of the metal used seems lighter. Nevertheless, the pieces looked great.

Greta L.
Has made my table fit for royalty since the 70s

I bought mine through Betty Crocker and have never ever had a problem with it. I have a few pieces that do have some scratches, like tea spoons, but they are not that noticeable. I have no problem putting them in the dishwasher. I have never used the steel cleaner Oneida recommends. I take care of my things and I am proud to say my Louisiana pattern has shined for decades. It is absolutely beautiful and it has been the source of many positive comments by dinner guests. I hate it is no longer made. But if you see it, buy it. Choosing a pattern was a tough decision, because the Oneida patterns were so beautiful. Now I have inherited one that has me stumped. It is a community stainless Oneida that resembles the Louisiana, but it isn't. Your site doesn't have it and neither does Replacements. They are almost interchangeable, but the pieces I inherited are heavier. Regardless, I like them all. The discontinued ones were prettier, I think, than the new ones.

Marcia G.

Excellent service.

Lizabeth O.
Order of flatware/ Oneida

I could not believe the speed with which I received the order I placed with your company. I am beginning the process of building my daughter and her husband's stainless steel flatware. She really liked mine, that I bought years ago. My pattern has been discontinued, she researched it, and informed me what the price for mine is now. I could not believe the price!
Needless to say, I found your prices to be the best, and your service is amazing. Thank you, and a very merry and blessed Christmas to ya'll!

Harvey C.
very nice

quick ship,best price, just what I ordered

Oneida Louisiana 6 Piece Hostess and Serving Set

Oneida Louisiana 6 Piece Hostess and Serving Set

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Exactly what I wanted.

Oneida Marquette Casserole Spoon

Exactly what I wanted.

Exactly what I wanted.

Replacements. I love this pattern !!